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Anyone try CBD oil?

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With CBD in the news and hearing the benefits from a few family members and acquaintances who use it for a variety of things, I recently bought my dog a bottle to try for his anxiety and itchy skin. SO then I thought if there's all of these medicinal benefits, are there any for herpes? Googled it and I'm seeing that there is; applied topically, etc. But is this yet another scam? Has anyone tried it here?

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I have not tried it myself but as it is sometimes used in the medical industry for many things such as Cancer, Anxiety,
pain relief & inflammation, it also has anti-depressant properties, it is not a scam.

It comes from the cannabis plant but with very little THC in it, so you will not get high :classic_biggrin:

I would say give it a go as so many people talk about anxiety & depression connected to having HSV
& as it also has the pain relief abilities, it can't be bad 👍

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Thanks for the reply! I was thinking the same. I'd like it more for the medicinal side than mental health, but hey if it helps there too it's just a win win all around. Haha. I may give it a try!

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