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Scar removal on genitals?

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Hi, me and my boyfriend both have herpes and we weren’t cautious enough when suspecting outbreaks, which resulted in his skin being damaged in a minor but annoying way. We still had sex when we should have avoided friction because of a possible oncoming outbreak. A small spot on the tip of his penis healed imperfectly, I never notice it but he’s known his body for longer than I do... and he’s very annoyed by it. He says it kinda looks like it has a different texture but if touched it’s not any different or not any less smooth. Maybe it’s just a small change in colour. Idk but I’m very sad about it. He deserves to like all of his body parts as much as I like them! 

I actually have a larger scar on my knee from tripping on a rocky road as a kid, it looks and feels smoother year by year but I was once suggested that if I want it removed then laser therapy can help. 

I wonder if laser or anything such can be used on genitals. Anyone had any success having herpes scars removed? Or do you have a story that tells why you are not bothered by them (anymore)?

Pls and thx.  

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