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Outbreaks while taking antiviral meds?

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Do people still get outbreaks while taking the meds? Furthermore would someone be likely to have an outbreak on meds even if they had up until that point been asymptomatic?

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Hey there! 👋 

Yes, people can still have outbreaks while on antivirals. The meds cut shedding down by around 50%, so it lessens the chances of passing herpes to a partner and having full-on outbreaks (since an outbreak is basically a whole bunch of viral shedding that overwhelms the area).

How often and how severe outbreaks will be depends on a whole host of factors beyond meds: how long you’ve had herpes, your immune system, how much stress is in your life and overall how healthy you are (mentally and physically). 

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Idk, I never showed symptoms before though. I've apparently bern walking around for two years with it and never once had an outbreak until now

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