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How to disclose my "situation"

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After reading many of the successful disclosure threads, it has made me slightly more confident for when the time comes. 

I'm just unsure how to disclose my particular "situation" since it isn't just a case of genital herpes.

This is my "situation" - 

  • Diagnosed with one very small genital wart in November, frozen off and hasn't returned.
  • Had some white heads appear on my penis after unprotected sex, worried this could be an outbreak of existing herpes so opted for a private blood test. The results came back HSV-2 negative but HSV-1 positive, but when I told the nurse about my outbreak she told me she doesn't think it's genital and likely oral from childhood. I've had multiple visits to the clinic for every little symptom but never has any doctor told me they suspect herpes and therefore no swabs. I don't recall having cold sores but my dad has always had them, I have had a lot of spots above my lip lately though. I also get red spots around my pubic area that don't seem to go away.

I just don't know how to explain this to someone without it taking forever and scaring them over two incurable STIs. While there's a chance it could be, it may also be a case of HPV that has already left my body and oral HSV-1 that 80% of people carry anyway. Yet I am still terrified of dating again!!

Does anyone have any advice for me?


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Hi mate,

I think all you can do is disclose that you are HSV1 positive (cold sore wise) although you never have OB's.
I don't not know much about HPV but I guess you disclose that too if it is possible to pass on.

At the end of the day, you deserve to have fun, you deserve to date, so just do it!
the worse thing that can happen is that the person rejects you but that can happen anyway without this virus.

There's all sorts of people out there & some will see passed a virus & some won't, 
but you know you have found a great person who does 😉

good luck & think positively 👍

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I would suggest that you become confident in whatever STIs that you have. If you are unsure of what you have and don’t have, then it may become stressful for you and/or your partner.    (Emotional health is important too!) Its  important for the person to know specifically too. 

Good luck!

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