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Hi, before I say anything i know that this isn't the right place to know what it is but i can give it a chance I guess...


So i was diagnosed like 6-7 months ago (don't know which type). I was extremely worried about this and you know, the typical anxiety to know if you have something else or so, because of lack of education about this I was extremely worried of hiv and i was always searching if i've have symptoms and so... so one day i was palping my neck and i felt a lump on the back of my neck (lets say under the hairline right in the cervicals) and i freaked out. I have to mention that sometimes the half of my head hurts a little just on that side. At first i thought it was bc of stress or bad position at night but i searched information and always pop up hiv or cancer haha so i freaked out even more... i got a blood test for hiv and was negative so i calm down a lot but the lump is still there. I went to the dr and he told me that was a muscular thing he gave me meds, i took them and the lumps was still there. Went to another doctor bc i had a flu and i told her about the lump so she palped and told me that it was a lymph node but it wasn't that big. I said ok i'm gonna freak out more haha i keep searching information and still was poping up the hiv and cancer results... i discarted hiv bc i took the test but now i'm very concerned about cancer. Then i thought if that lymph node could be related to H? I haven't feel any other lumps on my body, just that one and i wanna know if someone has had something similar to this? I'm planning to go to the family dr but idk when i could go (money issues). I'm so stressed about if it could be cancer or not 😭 I wanna cry bc i'm young (25 yo lady) and I don't wanna die. I was managing this topic very well but lately this has been worrying me so much. 😭

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