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My story so far

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I’ve not been a good person since I found out. It’s been about 6 months since I contracted hsv2 from an ex and I found out after I slept with my best friend I’ll call her Brittany for ease of reading of course I told her the same day I found out and it was probably the most nerve wreaking thing I’ve ever had to do. Brittany took it a lot better than I thought she would and we even talked about dating but we both freaked out and went our separate ways. I am not proud of it but I got insecure and slept with Brittany’s best friend and I didn’t disclose. Well long story short I started chasing other women to make her jealous because I was to insecure to fight for the relationship. I started seeing another girl Kelsey who I knew was in love with me and accepted me as soon as I told her and I really tried to make it work but I left her as soon as the Brittany told me she wanted to be with me. We tried again and both ran away again afraid of ruining our friendship again and I ran back to Kelsey and her to ex. Kelsey, literally gave me the world while her life literally fell apart then I just left at the lowest part and as soon as Brittany called and wanted to try again. Brittany and I agreed to take it slow because we don’t want to ruin what we have but at the same time I know I’m a monster for what I’ve done to Kelsey. I’m honestly not looking for validation I just wanted to share this and get it out of my head I know what I did was wrong I was just so afraid of being alone and rejected that I hurt someone who was a good person just not right for me. 

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