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One of those days

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Hi everyone, 

i just needed to write to just get this out. Usually I don’t have a problem really with dealing with HSV but today is just one of those days.

I feel bad, and I guess it happened from reaching out to someone. This morning I decided to reach out to my ex just to check on him but of course that was a dumb decision. He just said basically to leave home alone and I was okay with that but  he know I have HSV and I wish I never told him. 

I just feel at my age, 24 there’s nothing really good to come out of this, and I’m just scared that I’ll be by myself forever and I don’t want that. I hate that I have HSV 1&2 and I wish things could be different but I guess I just need inspiration and reassurance because right now it just feels like there is no point of any of this. 


I think this is hard because it was February... February 14th last year to be exact when I found out I had HSV. 



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