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High ASO level, doc suspects tonsils and streptococcus?

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I had my tonsils removed when I was a kid, I always had a cold and a bad cough so I had to. 

However, it can grow back in some cases. 

What I know is that not every strain of streptococcus makes you ill, some you just carry and your immune system fights it. ASO is present in the blood in higher levels when you are currently fighting it or were recently sick. 

They’re pretty common bacteria. Some strains can affect your respiratory system, which I don’t know is my case – I never feel actually sick, I just sometimes have a runny nose that I thought was allergy or whatnot. 

Is it possible that my immune system is weakened by having tonsils that collect all this bacteria? Is it worth a try to go and ask the doctors to put that good old lamp in my mouth and check if I have tonsils and if they’re inflammated or not? 

My lymph nodes are not swollen, by the way. No sign of any problem. 

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You can do a rapid swab strep test at most clinics which the cost is not that expensive..make sure you get to the bottom of it i heard strep turns into psoriasis in the body 😞

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