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Hormonal imbalance and OBs

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I've done research and hormonal imbalance can cause outbreaks? Anyone going through this?! I'm so sick of having outbreaks! It really takes a toll on me 😞 I call out from work and dont feel like doing anything. July 2019 will mark 2yrs I've had this virus! 

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Have you been diagnosed with hormonal imbalance? How do you know you have this? Yes, it can cause back to back outbreaks. What remedies are you currently using? I have an aunt in ghana that drinks black cohosh tea to remedy this and swears by it. That is if your issue is hormonal related. Also curious about your weight. Herpes can be triggered by all sorts of things.

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Hi! I have pcos and tyroid problems = hormonal imbalance and I have to say that i have ob's kinda frequent but i have to mention that i'm not taking antivirals. I always get 1 pimple during my period and sometimes in between but idk if it's because of the hormones or bc i'm kinda new to this. They have been decreasing and becoming milder tho. I got my first ob 7-8 months ago. Hope that helps!

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