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I'm back!

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I was diagnosed with H almost 4 years ago. This forum saved my life.


For the past 3 years I was in a wonderful relationship. My first and only disclosure. I thought he was my forever person. We bought a house and discussed marriage often. Unfortunately, things did not work out. I'm devastated for a lot of reasons, obviously.

Recently, I reconnected with an old friend. We have been on a couple dates. He is extremely sweet and I enjoy my time with him. I don't necessarily see this as a long term thing, but I wouldn't mind having a physical relationship with him. I'm very nervous to disclose as I've only done it once since my diagnosis. I'd like to think I am comfortable with my status considering I just spent 3 years in an accepting relationship but who knows. I am navigating new waters now.

I guess I'm just nervous. I honestly really just need to take some time to myself but this guy is eagerly planning dates and it has been awhile since I've had someone who wants to do things with me loll. My ex never wanted to do anything.

Thoughts on disclosing by text message? Honestly, that's the only way id do it right now, I think. He is a nurse so that gives me some hope.

I've already dropped the bomb that I still live with my ex so I'm currently carrying a lot of baggage already.

Add in the fact that I have been back in contact with and spending time with my giver...

It wouldn't be my life if it wasn't a sh*tshow.😂

Anyway, long winded. I have a lot of supportive people in my life in terms of the breakup but few who know the next layer and insecurity faced with my diagnosis.

tldr; thoughts on disclosing by text. Also, any supportive pearls of wisdom around being single again while having H.



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