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Outbreak(s), medicine and never ending stress

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Hello herpes buddies.

First of all a big thanks to the forum, it's been great finding this and reading through all the topics. I am writing with a mix of 'getting it off my chest' and seeking advice if anyone has some to spare 🙂

Its been 4 weeks ago now that I got diagnosed with herpes, after getting weird painful spots around my ass. I went to a clinic where they immediately said 'ah, that's herpes' but could not do the test so I am not sure what type it is. Not knowing anything about the virus I said 'what? I had unsafe sex only a week ago' and they said yep that is exactly it.

So, immediately wrote the guy who responded awfully and claims he doesn't know anything about this and is clean. He did admit he used to have cold sores when he was younger, but we didn't have oral sex as I was on my period, but did use his saliva as lube. We did have (a lot of) sex for a week which got me completely sore, drank a lot of alcohol, I had my period, and I had a lot of work stress. So, I don't know if I already had it and this all caused an outbreak, or if I just got infected. I don't even know if it makes sense trying to figure it out, but as you can imagine it is taking up a lot of time in my brain 😉 The asshole guy is also a colleague by the way.

Anyway, now a month later, I am STILL dealing with the outbreaks. It's like, I am on my third now, or still on my first? It just seems to go away, almost... and then hit another spot of my genitals again. Literally I don't know if there is any part of my genital area that has not been affected by now. And it is all over the place. It looks like the google image search that makes you think 'wow lucky me it's not that bad'. From the clinic I got Valacyclovir for 5 days which I finished but since things haven't gotten better I started to doctor myself (which, I know, is really not a great idea but...)

Here it comes, I am a humanitarian working in crisis areas with very very limited access to health services or any medicine to begin with. So, I found some acyclovir in a pharmacy and started taking this. Valacyclovir can't be found here. Finished 2 boxes (which was all they had in the pharmacy..), 2 days after it's finished and I stopped, but I am completely covered in spots again. So, found another pharmacy, where they had one box left. Bought it and well we will start again and will try to keep taking them as suppressive method. I am just getting fucking dizzy and nauseous from it.

I hope you guys out there with proper access to health care, supplements, healthy food and all, will appreciate this even more now 🙂  Anyway the thing is, I don't have any other option than eat rice bread and sheep, and have a huge amount of stress. This definitely isn't helping.. I hope to soon receive a box of Lysine supplements from a colleague that I am now putting all my hopes on.

Anyway.. any kind words of encouragement would be highly appreciated, as well as some advice on the doses of acyclovir (they only have 200 here, so have been taking 2 (400) in the morning and 2 (400) for dinner for the first 5 days, and after went for 1 (200) in the morning and 1 (200) in the evening). Should I increase? Will the dizziness get more when the dosis increases or doesn't the dosis matter much in relation to side effects?

Thanks a lot in advance to all.

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I have only been recently diagnosed and had one OB but my doctor put me on 1200 mg of acyclovir (400mg 3× daily) for the first 5 days and it cleared me right up within two days or so. But I also only had 4 sores in total. Since then I've only been taking it once a day and have not seen or felt anymore sores. 

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22 hours ago, Tk2019 said:

I have only been recently diagnosed and had one OB but my doctor put me on 1200 mg of acyclovir (400mg 3× daily) for the first 5 days and it cleared me right up within two days or so. But I also only had 4 sores in total. Since then I've only been taking it once a day and have not seen or felt anymore sores. 

Hey Tk2019! Thanks for your reply 🙂 And, lucky you! I wish it was only 4 sores.. 

How much do you take now, when you take it once a day? And you didn’t have issues with the side effects?

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I was thankfully able to get to the clinic almost right away as soon as the sores started showing so it may have gotten worse. I'm sorry you aren't in a position to get better care 😞

I'm still on 400 mg just once a day instead of 3. I haven't experienced any side effects so far.

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I’m sorry you’re dealing with this, but how awesome that you’re doing great humanitarian work! 

From what you describe, it sounds like you are possibly in your primary outbreak...which means that this should be the worst it ever gets! It’s entirely possible that the guy didn’t know he has it (a vast majority are unaware), but it’s most likely a new infection for you based on the severity. It should ease up quite a bit once your body gets a chance to build immunity.

Hang in there!!!

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Hey guys, thanks a lot for the replies 🙂

Finally, after fucking 5 weeks it seems like it has ended! Though I don't dare to get too excited lol. 

I am now taking 400 acyclovir every night before bed, plus 1000 lysine in the morning and 1000 in the evening. Hope this will keep it away.. 

Thanks again. It was nice to get some support!

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