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Should I get tested again?

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I was diagnosed just over a year ago with GHSV1. I have only had one breakout. The one which I went to the doctors and they suggested I go to the clinic. 

Is it possible that it was something else and that I’ve been diagnosed wrong. Could the blood tests be wrong. I’ve had no symptoms since. Should I get tested again?

Also any advice on how to get back out dating would be great? I haven’t meet anyone since then?


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Well I guess it depends on your symptoms but most likely if you were diagnosed with it and had the  symptoms, you have it! It could be other things like a yeast infection, etc etc and you have HSV-1 orally but I'm thinkin it's not if you had enough symptoms a doctor diagnosed you with it. But luckily for you, simplex 1 doesn't seem to be as persistent or severe as simplex 2 (mine).

It's likely you have HSV-1 but just aren't showing symptoms but if it makes you feel better, go to another doctor and get tested!

I was scared to death to get back out there but I bit the bullet and went right back to getting out there so I could feel normal and learn how to navigate the dating world. Meet and hang out with people just as you did before because YOU DESERVE IT and me personally, if I felt like I could trust them I would bring up the talk and if I didn't I ditched them. For me, this disease taught me who was real and honest and genuine about me. I always started the talk when I felt like I could kinda trust the person and it was getting sexual. I gave them some background, my diagnosis, the facts, and that I know it's a lot but I respect their decision and it's there decision to make.

I still have a really hard time with it period but don't let a stupid skin disease make you feel like you aren't worthy of love or even lust. It's frustrating at times, but it's life and if someone really is interested in you and loves you they won't focus on just the disease!

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Was your outbreak diagnosed through swab and blood test?

HSV-1 from a blood test doesn't necessarily mean genital and could be oral herpes caught from childhood. If you get another blood test it will probably come back as HSV-1 again since around 80% of people have the first type.

In regards to dating I would advise taking it slow and waiting until you feel comfortable with that person until you disclose, and just be honest in what's going on. I think you'd be surprised in how accepting people can be. 

Saying this I am in a similar situation to you with HSV-1 and am yet to attempt disclosing but this forum has made me feel more confident for when the time comes. 

Feel free to PM me if you'd like someone to talk to :) 

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