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Tingling while sitting. Prodrome? Or nerve pinch?

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Hi all,

I had a question regarding the “tingle” feeling one with hsv-2 has.   I work out 5 times a week, eat healthy, ect.  I do sit for 8 hours a day at a desk job.  From research I have found that sitting can effect nerves and cause different sensations in your thigh area.  (Sciatic nerve for example) I feel tingles in my lower butt, upper thigh, genitals on the outside (I am female), upper upper inner thighs (really whole thighs).  When I feel the tingles, I readjust my body and the tingle stops or goes somewhere else.  Could this simply be due to sitting all day vs. prodromes? Tingling mainly happens while sitting and/or legs crossed. Healthy BMI.

My doctor thinks that psychologically, I’m overacting on what I think are prodromes and in turn causing sensations to occur. (Like thinking about being itchy somewhere on your body, and then causing an itch). He has prescribed me a med that in low doses, turns that off in my brain so I don’t cause this to happen.  Would this play a part? 

Anything here would be great and appreciated!



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I have ongoing tingles and nerve pains too. Some days worse than others. Not really related to any OB’s...OB’s are usually nerve pain free.

What medication did your Dr put you on? Something for nerve pain?

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I just sent this to someone... 

Herpes itself does NOT cause nerve pain. 

Nerve pain is how your body is choosing to respond to the herpes virus in your system. 

It is a sign your body is inflamed... just like swelling, pain...etc It is an immune response. 

An anti-inflammatory diet and supplementing with l-lysine and lauricidin is the only way to remedy this. 

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19 hours ago, Faith8 said:

@gorgeoustechiewhere did you get this info from? And did you personally experience nerve pain and found relief through this? Thanks!

Yep I experienced debilitating nerve pain - burning pain, couldn't sit down pain, shooting pain, skin rashes..etc.. 

The only thing that has worked is an anti-inflammatory diet. I eat fish, fruits, veggies, herbs - no red meat, no bread, no gluten, diary, soy, wheat, corn..etc. 

And I also get acupuncture once a week, have a functional medicine doctor and have done tons of research on this thing. 

The fact of the matter is your immune system is compromised. People with healthy immune systems don't catch herpes. At the time you caught this virus, your immunity was already compromised. Herpes only exacerbated an already toxic environment which is why some people have crazy symptoms and others don't. 

If you can't afford a doctor check out montreal health girl on youtube and amy myers md

Focus on boosting your immune system. Look up lymphatic cleanse. That's what I'd focus on if I were you. Any functional medicine doctor will tell you the same thing. You want to get the inflammation down as fast as you can. 

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@lily I’ve experienced similar tingling and do find that shifting my position helps it to go away. I don’t think it’s psychological at all, you’re not alone in these constant annoying feelings, I just posted about it too ; ) 

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@Gorgeous I think that is good but I do know people with Herpes who don't have these issues and do not follow a great diet. Yes do the thingsyou suggest but the difficult fact as well is that some people's genetic composition pre-disposes them to fight herpes very well while others do not. How many people do you know who get one cold sore in there life and then never get another?


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