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Re-Infected With Same Type

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This is kind of a two part question. So I’ve read literally everywhere from doctors and experts that if you have one strain of Hsv in one location it will be particularly unlikely that you will catch that same strain it in a new location and the rule of thumb to that is it doesn’t apply in the first 6 months because your still developing antibodies. 

Ive had HSV1 oral for a while, I don’t really know how long, don’t really know if I caught it as an adult or kid. However I recently received oral from a partner, and immediately after my anal area was burning. That went away but 4 days later my inner thighs begin to burn, the burning also begin to happen in my ankle, sometimes my toe and even once was on my stomach. I haven’t seen any blisters , a boil / pimple looking thing appeared on my inner thigh but went away in under 24 hours, also I’ve been getting like chafing irritation in my inner thighs now.  This same burning is the burning I feel around my mouth when I believe I first came in contact with HSV.  The possible exposure happened Feb 12,  it’s now Feb 28 so 16 days. If my partner did have HSV 1 oral and performed oral sex on me what is my risk. Would my antibodies to the virus stop it from spreading to my genital location. If so how long will my body fight the virus. Also if my body is still fighting the HSV 1 virus how long will it fight it, and I got the FLU vaccine yesterday will this overwhelm my immune system and give HSV a chance to win the fight and set up latency in my Genital nerves giving me HSV 1 Genital. 

Sorry it’s so long, but I’m definitely confused and concerned now. 

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I don’t know which doctor keeps coming up with this who keeps sharing this with our community but it’s false! I have had type one Oral herpes ever since I was a little girl! Last May I got genital type one Herpes. 

The chances of it spreading is 50/50. If the guy had a cold sore on his mouth I’d say it’s more like 80/20 that you’d get it. 

So think of antibodies like keys and antigens(the virus) a lock. Antibodies try to form themselves so they can fit into that lock. Each antigen has different antibodies that are attached to it. To answer your question, no the flu shot is basically injecting you with antigens so your body can immediately start creating antibodies which is why sometimes you get sick with the flu. The first time you get the virus it takes a little while for the antibodies to form but once you get the virus or infection again your body will already have the correct antibodies to fight it off. 

So there are two types of herpes HSV-1 (oral) and HSV-2 (genital). They are two different strains of the virus. Type one can transfer to both genital and oral and type two can be both genital and oral. 

My suggestion to you is go to your doctor and get a blood test. You could have given him oral herpes and then he could have transferred it to you genitally. The blood test can be pointless though because it does not tell you where in your body you have it. If he ended up giving you type two then you’ll know, though. I’d also suggest you go to your OBGYN and she give you a Pap smear and test for all STDS.. I will be honest I have heard other woman talk about a burning sensation in their legs. The virus sits in your lower spinal cord. So I have heard tingling in people’s lower half. You might just be paranoid though, which is okay it happens to us all. 

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I initially thought it might be a prodrome, but it’s been going on for 2 weeks and no outbreak , also it was on my stomach. However as far as the antibody thing it’s eveyrwhere, even websites like the American Eye Institue, & The New Zealand Herpes Association. Hopefully It’s just anxiety. I definitely would rule it as herpes prodrome if it was solely on my thighs but it’s been placed like my collarbone. Not knowing is just as stressful as knowing. 

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Yea that’s why it’s bizarre it shouldn’t be affecting anywhere on your upper half. 

It’s really irritating that these places keep saying that. There is always a chance with this virus and frankly those doctors haven’t really been able to figure that much about it.

fun fact: the first written down case of herpes was during the Ancient Greek civilization. 

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