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Could this be my second OB?

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Hi, I was diagnosed in late January with a brutal OB that chose my derriere as it's spot. I had all the usual pains etc, and then a while later went on 500mg of Valtrex suppressive therapy, mainly for peace of mind and to not infect others. this past week i've felt a very light poke/tickle in the same area but haven't seen any sores outside of my bottom (they were inside too). Wondering if this could be my second OB as can they be this light? I mean it's a little annoying but by no means is it painful or immobilizing like the last one? I'm also curious as I've been talking to someone new and want to make sure I know how an outbreak feels. Thanks!

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Can you tell me what happened? It seems like I’m going through the same thing for my second OB. 

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