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Hormones and outbreaks

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Hi everyone. I have questions regarding connection between hormones and outbreaks, probably more relatable to girls. Girls, have you started having any troubles with hormonal balance after getting HSV? I may assume HSV caused problems with it and that's the main reason why I have outbreaks. 

So, if the virus caused any troubles with hormones, can you tell which type of hormone was high/low and have you managed it and how? I am curious as hormones are very tricky thing to interfere.

Many thanks in advance. 

p.s. sorry for English, not a native speaker 🙂

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Most definitely. There are natural ways to balance your hormones like exercising regularly, drinking green tea and managing stress. I started doing qigong for this very reason and it's been god sent. It makes me feel so good. 

I had the most craziest symptoms from this virus - my face even started to swell because my viral load was so high. Back to back outbreaks after my period. The best advice I can give is -- adopt a clean diet (anti-inflammatory), take a probiotic, oregano oil, neem leaf powder AND anti-virals if you can. I was taking lysine but i dropped it because it started making me constipated. You want to get those viral loads as low as possible.

This is what has been working for me. I was in serious trouble and thought i had something more but my body was so toxic and the virus made it worse. The best thing I did for myself was to adopt a high raw/plant-based diet with fish on occasion. 

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