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Suppressive Therapy and Questions

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Hi all! I was wondering how many of you have chosen to be on daily suppressive therapy, which medication and dose you are on and how it is working for you. I’ve had the virus (genitally) for about 10 years and was on acyclovir 400mg 2x a day for 8 that all of a sudden stopped working so my doctor switched me to valacyclovir 1g daily two months ago. So far these two months I have not had an outbreak (this past year was hell for me, 1-2 outbreaks a month for a year while on the other medication) thank God and I’m hoping they continue to work. Does anyone feel like one medication works better than the other? Has anyone’s outbreaks gotten worse over the years as opposed to better? Has the nature of your outbreaks changed over the years (I used to get a typical sore someone on my labia but now the outbreaks occur in the form of what feels like a yeast infection inside of me with a lot of pain, swelling, itching and irritation). I also take 2,000mg of Lysine, a probiotic and various vitamins, exercise daily and eat pretty healthy. For those in a relationship where the other person is or was hsv negative, how long were you together before they contracted the virus, or have you still not passed it?

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Hi @ash128083

I can only speak for a short time as I was diagnosed July 2018. I first opted for no suppression, then had two back to back (or one long one) and didn't have time to deal with OBs and went on suppressive.  It was 500mg val once a day (after the initial episodic treatment).  It worked pretty well for me as I didn't have an OB once I started taking regularly. 

I dated a HSV- guy for about 4 months and he did not contract from me (at least no visible symptoms).  I stayed on suppressive while we dated as he opted out of using condoms. I stopped taking suppressive a couple weeks ago after ended things with him and haven't had any symptoms or OB - no vitamins, Lysine or probiotics either.  Hopefully that helps some, I know I'm a short timer.


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