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Herpes the change i needed in my life? positive change!

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Following my diagnosis and initial painful outbreak accompanied by a week of flu like symptoms i was ready to accept a life plagued with herpes. I was sleeping most of the day, ignoring the things i needed to accomplish. The guy i had recently started dating before my diagnosis was afraid to touch my genitals in any way. I felt inadequate and lost my insatiable, incredible sex drive for weeks. It was a mutual decision to become just friends with the guy i mentioned, because his rare germophobic personality couldn't handle sexual relations anymore.

This left more "me" time in my life. I was more motivated than ever to complete my study abroad application, i picked up the novel i began back in february, and i started hitting the gym again for 2 hours at a time. I am now taking vitamin C, lysine, and acyclovir daily. I was only diagnosed a month and a half ago and i already feel like a better me. I no longer look at guys as sexual objects and i have no desire to simply hookup...a nasty habit of mine prior to my diagnosis. Ironically i was diagnosed with HSV1 and believe it was from someones mouth i had been seeing.

I have matured more in these past few weeks than i ever thought imaginable. I feel like i have this insight that many my age do not possess yet. I am so thankful for my diagnosis, because it changed me into the respectable person i realize i am capable of. At age 21, i am not going to let a skin condition rule my life, nor my relationships. The right person will realize it IS only a skin condition. Anyways, i have realized i am way too young to care about a serious relationship. I have so many goals and aspirations i can accomplish to their fullest when i am devoting my time to ME.

All of you 20-somethings out there who have been diagnosed, take this as a sign that your life is ready for change. You can be anyone you want. and you CAN fly off to New Zealand to study for a whole semester your senior year of college.



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Wow, great to read such a positive outcome. Congrats on your decision to study abroad. Sounds like a blast (:


As you said here, I am also trying to focus more on me. I need to learn to be my own best friend, instead of relying on others to make me happy (:

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