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Stressing out about 2nd outbreak

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I got my first outbreak a couple of months ago which absolute hell on earth. I’ve never experienced something so painful and I’ve had 2 kids! Now I feel like I’m getting my second outbreak. I’ve heard the first is the worst but are other outbreaks super painful as well? I just can’t imagine going through that again. I was supposed to go to a gynecologist after but never did. I have acyclovir. Do I just take that twice a day still or what do I do? 

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It probably won't be as bad so hang in there!! If it's 500mg, I'd say take it twice a day. I used to take 1G of Valcyclovir and sometimes I'd take 1 morning and evening if i felt like I really needed to. I'd say follow your previous instructions. Rest when you can and eat healthy! 

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Stress is the main ingredient to re occuring out breaks . That and poor diet . I try not to rely on the meds too much , I dont want my body getting to used to it. I would go to the gyn though. Anything to make your body and mind feel more at ease and at peace. I found my diagnosis to be a wake up call for me and each day I'm learning things about  my body and just trying to take care of this human body I have been loaned .

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@Lacey I totally agree with you that the first outbreak was by far for me more painful than childbirth. I remember clear as day I was in horrendous pain for well over a month with my first outbreak and my second outbreak for me was just as painful as the second time I had blisters on the inside of my labia so I cried and trembled every time I needed to go for a wee as it litrelly felt like boiling hot water being poured over me. I couldn't take the risk of being in so much pain again after that so went on suppressive therapy and haven't looked back. It's been just slightly over a year since the guy carelessly knowingly gave it to me.

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