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Hi everyone, 

I am 21 years old and I am starting grad school in August. I got herpes when i was 19 and I am starting to think about the future and dating and marriage. I am honestly so scared to even try to date and it freaks me out that I won't be able to get married or have children because of my herpes. 

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All of that is just plain wrong. Don't let the stigma get the best of you. You get to determine the course of your life, not herpes. I'm married and we have a 2 year old. And there are plenty of other success stories out there. Start here in our "success stories" section: https://forums.herpesopportunity.com/?forumId=9

Download the e-book & handouts:

Watch this video I made summarizing the facts: 

Listen to the Q&A audio recording with Terri Warren with the H Opp community:

Watch our video interview with top herpes researcher Dr. Peter Leone 
http://bit.ly/2AQJMRl (“What about oral?”)

And if you're ready to make yourself stigma bulletproof, purchase the Lifestyle Guides I created to give people step-by-step support to get feeling better quick (it also helps to keep our community running):

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Free e-book & handouts: https://herpesopportunity.com/free-ebook-signup.html 
The Opportunity Lifestyle Guides: https://herpeslife.com/opportunity2
Book a one-on-one coaching session: http://adriallifecoaching.com

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I was diagnosed in October with HSV2 via blood test. I had just started seeing someone and disclosed to him within 15 minutes of finding out...before I had time to research and understand anything. I was emotional, and that caused him to reject me. However, he came around and within a short while was wanting to hook up. I told him no.

Then at the end of January, I met an amazing man. I disclosed to him and he told me that it was not even an issue. He didn't care about that because he wants to be with me. It's only been not quite 2 months, but we are going strong, and it has not been an issue. 

There are people out there who will not let herpes get in the way of a relationship. And those who reject you for that weren't right for you anyway.

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