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I’m learning and getting better with this.

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I was dx with HSV2 20 years ago.  I got it from my oldest daughters father. He had HSV1.  I will never forget the pain with that first outbreak.  Fast forward to last Aug 2018, I got a small breakout in the inner right thigh.  To be honest I completely forgot I had this.  It had been soooo long ago.  Now since this outbreak last year I take suppressive therapy of valtrex and have not once missed a dose.  This leads me to where I am now. I am with a man that has HSV1 on his lips.  With him having HSV1 and me having HSV2 and we have been together 2 years now is it possible I can give him gential herpes? He does not take suppressive therapy like I do, he gets cold sores about once a year.   He knows not to give me oral when he has his outbreak and since that last outbreak I had back in Aug of 2018, all I get is prodome symptoms with no visible lesions or outbreak.  Has his body built an immunity per say to HSV2 with him already a having HSV1. 

I also take vitamins, eat clean and drink 2 gallons of water a day and keep my stress level down to the best of my ability.   Is it possible he will get HSV2?  

Also how do you know your prodome sx have calmed down?  I have never been this intune with my body til now with these prodome sx.  I have to say they are quite annoying to say the least. 

I am better than I was when I had my outbreak it was due to friction back in Aug 2018. Lubrication is now used when he and I have sex.  And some months the prodome sx are worse than others, but it seems to be getting more tolerable and manageable with time. I do believe he may have reactived this virus in me since he has  HSV1.  Could that be possible too.  

Sorry for the long post, but these questions play on my mind and I scower the internet looking for answers.  I know this forum can help.  I have read a lot of posts in here and the support that is given is what we all need.  THANK YOU ALL!!!

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Hsv1 and 2 are different viruses. So if he has hsv1 he could get hsv2. And you can get hsv1. 

No, they're actually the same virus, different strains.

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there's some protection from your boyfriend getting hsv2 but not fully.(so I have been told) it helps if you take your valtrax everyday plus use condoms and don't have sex if your having a breakout. I think all of those will certainly help.

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