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Just diagnosed. Feeling frustrated.

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So I just found out I have Herpes and am experiencing my first terrible painful outbreak. (To be determined HSV-1 or 2.) I've been with my husband for 14 years and he has had HSV-1 oral cold sores since I've known him. He is ALWAYs careful. We feel so frustrated and misinformed. We did not know about the shedding stage or that he could give me herpes from oral sex even when he wasnt symptomatic. I'm not mad at him really just so frustrated that I now have to live with this! Just venting really. Gss anyone here been in a similar situation ? We are worried about our sex life going forward and have so many questions ! 

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After a year of having Genital HSV 1 i recently found out my brother has it orally and he also gave it to his wife in the genital area. They have had 2 children since so I think its safe to say their sex life is back where it used to be . They've improved their diets and always have anti virals handy for whenever they feel somethin weird about to happen. They still have spontaneous bouts too (like morning stuffs)Its not like they have to sacrifice 2 goats and chicken and call to the ancestors before they do the do either . There will be an adjustment period no doubt about it but if you just push through it and keep a positive attitude and lifestyle I'm sure you will be able to feel as happy as you were before this happened.


Hopefully someone with more first hand experience can chime in cause Im single as a pringle 

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Thank you for the positive outlook. I'm going through ups and downs but overall looking at it in the best way I can.  While I'm asking, is it normal.to have some pain/pressure feeling in the back of my thigh and around my bum lol?! I feel so uneducated but I definitely feel like I've been hit by a truck. I have read it isnt this bad at a reoccurrence and I hope that is true. 

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Omg YES. So I contracted H in February last year and I wasnt diagnosed (and didnt know) until August last year. From Feb to August I had a sharp somewhat radiating pain that would either be right under my left butt cheek, behind my left testicle, or down the left inner thigh. I didnt know what it was but I learned it was just the early stages of the virus manifesting itself in your sacral (lower part) of my spine/nerve system ! The good news is that I havent felt that pain AT ALL since last year September and we're already 3 months into the new year. I work as a mailman so Im always putting my body through hell but I started taking getting acupuncture and stretching daily and Im telling you that sharp pain is but a memory! 

Its what you make it m honestly. This can ruin your life or actually be a galvanizing moment for you to take super control of your body in ways you really never thought you would. Physically and mentally I feel im at a better place than I was before I even got H! I thought it would be impossible but I chose not to let this define me and I still have a ways to go (make working out a habit , cut out all processed foods and corn syrup treats , etc.) Take this time to really appreciate what you still have. A fully functioning human body that is still capable of ANYTHING. Love yourself and I promise you, this will not be a problem!

Plenty of info on this site and lovely people. Though they may not be on as much as they are on other social media, they are here and will answer your questions! Dont lose hope and have fun on your journey!!! 


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Thank you very much for the encouragement! I appreciate you taking the time to answer me. I'm glad I found a space where I can ask questions from.personal experience rather then just websites ! Just have to get over this first outbreak and learning curve. 

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No problem at all. These forums really helped me when I first got on. Just scrolling through pages and reading from other experiences, some similar, some not so much. Also supplements have been helping me. Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin b12, FlaxSeed Oil (for omega 3) as well as immune system supplements ( Vitamin D or Mushroom Extracts like Turkey Tail mushroom!) You'll find what works for your body , until then its time to soak up some info, find what works for ya and hopefully within this next year, you'll see some improvements 🙂

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