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HSV2 Journey After 10 months

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You remind me a lot of myself (not saying this from a condescending standpoint but just an observation). I'm a social worker too and am new to having H, so seeing your story gives me hope I can come far in less than a year and that having a certain job/educational level/whatever doesn't prevent you from getting H. I don't know why, but I've been living like somehow I'm the only social worker to get this and kind of being down on myself for being naive or stupid. I'm glad to see it's not just me and that someone in similar circumstances got through it alive, with a sense of humor to boot! Thanks!

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Hey ladies! I am a social worker too and got H 10 months ago...I don't think H cares what job we have. lol...We are all just real people. Everyone is looking for love, sex, relationships, etc. and you just never know. I use it to my advantage as well and think it makes me more down to earth and real with my clients. Having H builds character and empathy! We all have our issues, battles, and things we like to keep private. When someone is telling me about all of their issues, I often laugh and think oh we are all human, if they only knew my secret as well! lol. I too work with kids and am sure to talk to the older ones about making good choices. Maybe someday when I come to terms more with it, I will even speak about it to let others know it can happen to anyone...but just not there yet. So keep up the good work ladies and keep educating others...I am sure there are doctors, teachers, and even rockets scientists with H! I am getting more and more used to it and try to use it for the positive. Thanks!

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Sending a big hug your way... I guess I'm officially at the 9 month mark now that it's September. I understand your pain, concerns, and frustrations. It's not easy.... but at the end of the day it makes us all stronger individuals. It builds our character, teaches us self worth, and forces us to be more proactive in our lives when it comes to dating.


I'm no expert, I have my own struggles I deal with when it comes to this... but in my opinion in order to deal with the psychological affects... you just have to deal with yourself first, love yourself, understand yourself, and accept yourself for the bright talented young lady that you are.



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