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Do you disclose!?

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YES. When HSV was given to me, I was not disclosed to, and I had no right of informed consent. I will NOT do to someone what was done to me.

I have disclosed twice, and although the first initially rejected me, he changed his mind (and then I rejected him)

The second one accepted me (and the potential risk) with no issues at all and we are still together.

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Appreciate your responses. I always have but it seems like much of the adult community has it but never disclosed from what I gather. It makes me wonder how many people have it and don’t disclose or are judging without knowing they have it.

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just my opinion here but I think if your going to have sex you should get tested but there's people out there that don't know there std Statues because there too scared to get tested which is understandable. I was terrified when I got tested. I just want to say people that know there std statues and still give it to other people should be hung up.I'm sorry if I sound mean but I know I would be Furious if someone gave me an std. I do believe the people that know there statues should disclose to others and people should get tested.i'm sorry if I am rambling on.Sarah

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I agree. Wholeheartedly. If you intend being intimate with someone and you know you have an STD/STI, then disclosure is always the way forward and the right thing to do no matter how difficult. Having said that, HSV screening is not included in standard sexual health screening and consequently, a great proportion of people are asymptomatic and unaware they carry they virus. I understand why. It’s extremely common in some form or another, is mostly asymptomatic and most importantly, is not considered life threatening. Life changing for most of us affected but definitely not life threatening and therefore, not a priority. 

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I still haven't experienced any ob as such so don't know how painful it will be. But the psychological impact I am having is a mountain for me. And for sure I don't want anyone to go through this stress in their life. So its definitely yes for me. 

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I don't understand why anyone would want someone to go through Hell with an outbreak. why someone would want some else to suffer like they did with there outbreak. I think there is truly evil people that love the idea of someone suffering from this awful disease.take care Sarah.

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