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Blood test shows HSV-1 but is this the cause for my issue?

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Dear all,

please help if you can.

I've spent a lot of time quietly reading in this forum in the last few weeks. I have a problem, and am going through hard times figuring out what's wrong with me. A visual exam made the doctor conclude immediately "This is herpes". I did blood tests, twice - 3 weeks after the problem started, and then another one 4 weeks after the first. Both came out positive for HSV-1. This made another doctor conclude, yes you have a genital herpes, caused by HSV-1. Ok, I admitted that diagnose, had Valacyclovir for a week, had a local cream for a while ... and nothing. My small 2-3mm ulcer on the skin below my penis head stays the same as I first saw it TWO months ago. Very painful on touch and at rest, even feel the pain down my leg and in my scrotum area. Sometimes pain even wakes me up at night. Third doctor looked at it and concluded "this is nothing" its probably aphthous ulcers (like the one we could get if we bump the toothbrush on the inside of the mouth) So, I started questioning myself, is this herpes.Could it be Chancroid for example (took 3 days of antibiotics for that, no change)? I may have always had hsv-1 as most people do, although I never had any symptoms. So, I was reading and looking around to find out how the hell (sorry) this genital herpes would look like. Does it age with time, does it go dry and fall off as crust skin as i have seen it so many times on other people oral herpes? Nothing like that happens to me. Open, soft, small ulcer that hurts a lot and stays absolutely the same for 2 months. However, what caused me to finally write a question here, is that yesterday I saw a tiny red bump (maybe a blister) on the edge of this ulcer, probably filled with some liquid, which led me again to consider herpes as the main cause. But, I had put so many things on this ulcer based on what i've read (believe it or not even garlic) and also checked on pretty much on every hour, so there is a chance to have infected or irritated it myself, with who knows what.

I am desperate. Doctors does not seem to care or can do much, or I am not able to find the right specialist.  

Could herpes be just a single 2-3mm cut like ulcer, not what I've seen as multiple of those in an area?

Could it not heal for 2 months, even with the help of valacyclovir?

Is the urology the right place to go ? 

Any help is appreciated !!!



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That does not sound right. I have only had one outbreak but my first sore was pretty much gone before I figured out there was an issue (so a matter of days) and another one popped up. If you have been to the doctor they should have done a swab test. A blood test does not show where you have herpes, only that you have it. So you could very well only have hsv 1 in your mouth, as most people do.

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