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Urgency to urinate

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Hi all,

I'm 32 years old woman diagnosed with genital herpes in february after 4 long months of unexplained pain and weird sensations in my body. My herpes seems really typical, I can't tell when i'm not having an outbreak. I feel like there is always something going on. Haven't been back to my normal self since last october when all of this started. It's been a month since I started having issues with urination. I started waking up every night to pee. In the daytime, i'm having a really hard time holding my pee. I almost peed on myself yesterday. The amount of urine is significant so I don't think it's an UTI. It seems like I feel the need to pee when my bladder is already full. I'm afraid i have nerve damage as I sometimes have pain and weird sensations on the left side of my body from head to toe. I also have pain in my eyes, the ophtalmologist told me that they were really dry and gave me eye drops. I've read somewhere that the virus could affect the lacrymal gland. I'm back on valacyclovir hoping it will help with all these symptoms. Is anyone having the same issue with urination? Thank you.


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