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Get another blood test?

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I was recently diagnosed with HSV 2 by way of swab. My blood test came back negative.  The last 2 times I had sex where a month prior to diagnosis and three months prior (February and December).  I know there is no time table on being able to tell who infected you through the blood test but based on research I felt like I can rule out the guy I was with in December because 3-6 months (I know 3 months is right on the cusp so it's not guaranteed) after exposure was the general rule on blood testing. Should I get a blood test again in a month or 2

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Antibodies build up at different rates for everyone so that probably won't tell you much either. How long after you had sex did symptoms appear?

Mine appeared within the week. My giver tested negative by blood test and denied giving it to me but I know it was him because 2 months later I'm still negative by blood test.

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In order to figure out the tentative period when the virus got in our body one should do both igm and igg test. Igm will remain positive for one month or so from exposure and then will become negative where as igg will become positive between 3 to 6 months. For few it may take little more time than 6 months. Please note igm test is not advisable. It is only helpful if someone wants to figure out if he or she got infected or not within one month of exposure but no sore is present. 

Cas1: igm positive igg negative. Very recent exposure within a month

Case2: igm negative igg positive. Atleast 3 months old. Difficult to say when the person got infected. 

Case 3: igm positive igg positive. Most likely a recurrence. But difficult to say when the person got infected. 

Case 4: igm negative igg negative but swab or pcr or visual diagnosis is indicating herpes. This could happen when blood test is done anytime after one month of exposure when igm will go negative but igg antibodies has not yet been formed. 

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