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What is a typical outbreak for you?

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Hi there. I’ve asked about initial, primary outbreaks, but what about your every day recurring outbreaks? For someone that supposedly has a positive hsv2 blood test, I’ve never had a symptom that I’m aware of. But every time something feels “off” I automatically assume hsv2. I know everyone is different, but I’m just curious as I’m trying to figure this out. Thank you. 

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I was just diagnosed with gHSV-1 a month and a half ago in the midst of my first outbreak and I’ve had constant outbreaks since (I’m in the beginning stage of my fourth). I barely notice them aside from the awful prodrome days prior to the outbreak in the backs of my arms. It’s hard to ignore. I also feel slightly under the weather during this time. It’s looking like I will need to go on suppressive therapy so I can have a chance to heal mentally from my diagnosis. It’s hard to get to a good place when I’m having constant symptoms. I’m curious as well as to what people have experienced in the first year of their initial outbreak.

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My ob’s most definitely have not conformed to the norm that I read everywhere on the internet. 

My first outbreak was by far the easiest physically. one slightly uncomfortable sore that never developed a scab and even my nurse was absolutely sure it couldn’t be herpes, yet it responded immediately and disappeared Into thin air with the anti virals. I didn’t have anything else for 5 months. I even dared to believe my nurse was right. And then over Christmas, I developed a chest infection and with it came an ob that was in an entirely different location and league. It was excruciatingly painful  and covered my entire right labia and took almost a month to heal. That one did scab. And it hurt me emotionally. 

Since then, nearly 9 months after my primary, I’ve had an ob every month but they are much less severe than the Christmas one. One didn’t even break the surface. 

I just have a feeling of something not being right down there for a day or sometimes two, I have sciatica which varies in severity with each ob  and then I have a slight itch and feel that  my skin is A little sore and sensitive. And up-come the blisters/ sores, dependent on location. They last about 3 days and are mildly uncomfortable. It’s almost as if the virus changes its mind now before things get really bad. Hopefully, that’s my immune system kicking in. 

This latest ob is in yet another different location and as a result has caused me a little more discomfort to wee but it’s decided to leave early again ( 4 days)  so I’m not complaining. Although, I wish it had bogged off 2 days ago before my other half had to go back to work! 


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