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Constant nerve pain on legs and hands

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Hi I had a high risk unprotected sex with CSW in New York Dincevthen I have felt bad and was tested for all STDs All negative However I am convinced I did get Herpes I did not have a first outbreak until 2 months later and it was a red rash with painful tingling at end of penis Doctor said it was not herpes but gave me valtrex anyway since then I get small red bumps on top of oenis and red dots on the glans I also have constant burning down the legs and in the knuckles of my hands


i have swabbed the red bump outbreaks for PCR 3 times all negative I had an igg test at 14 weeks that was HSV2 negative HSV1 positive as I have had cold sores since I was 12 I am now waiting on a 17 week western blot Right after taking the western blot blood draw I started taking valtrex daily and the bumps stopped but the prodrome remains every day better when I walk or run. Is my story typical of a new herpes infection ? Never had lesions and never had an outbreak intil 2 months later that was a red rash btw many people could not see the bumps as they are close to the skin and at first glance looks like a rash 

waiting on western blot hoping it will be confirmatory at 17 weeks 

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So started valtrex AFTER UW WB blood draw got results back today and same as igg positive HSV1 cold sores orally for 40 years but negative at 17 weeks for HSV2

stl have burning down legs and on hands should I stop valtrex now 3 PCr swabs all negative as well but twice had pain in penis and bumps on top of shaft as well as redness on top of shaft ?

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If you've had them swabbed, isnt that quite conclusive? Given that you werent taking any antivirals before. 
Alot of rashes do involve bumps, including non HSV rashes like jock itch, dermatitis, etc. Im a bit uncertain about my own diagnosis (might begin my own post soon), but I think you ought to be in the clear. 

Just note though, and I'm really not trying to fearmonger- but HSV1 can be present on the genitals. It's possible that you contracted it there as opposed to having a new HSV2 infection. 

Anyways, keep us updated and wishing you all the best. 



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What is the likelihood that you contract hav1 genitally from a different source if I already have it orally and the antibodies control it very well ie the cold sores ? Wouldn’t the antibodies prevent new HSV1 from getting to nerves? Could I take longer then 17 weeks to produce hsv2 antibodies ? I am thinking after Easter go off valtrex and see if bumps return and get them swabbed again ? As far as past swab did not take antiviral but did put hydrogen peroxide on them all 3 times just before PCR swab but they were all less then 24 hours and I thought PCR was super sensitive 

Not sure what to do especially with    Constant prodrome burning even though bumps don’t emerge note this happens with daily valtrex I started one day after WB blood draw 

so after Easter stop valtrex when they emerge do swab and then see ?



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Hmm sorry for the late reply... I'm no expert and only joined to ask more questions and see if people had similar experiences as me. I just took one last WB today after developing a small rash down there thats a bit itchy so fingers crossed hopefully it'll be fine.

Thats a good question but to my knowledge and internet search I do believe HSV can spread from one site to another, so that could be something to take note of. As for PCR i dont think it would have a significant effect. The issue is that there needs to be something picked up by the swab (skin cells, secretions, etc) that can be used. That was what I was told my the doctor today as I asked if I should do a PCR instead of a WB (since I've tested negative for IGG, WB, etc. and my past exposure was roughly 2 years ago). 

If you're taking valtrex and there's no reduction in the symptoms I think that would be a clear sign that it's something else? 

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