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H Buddies, unite!

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Hi I'm 26 year old female and just got diagnosed with herpes a week ago.... I live on Vancouver Island Canada, would love to chat with someone about it..... Caught it from my boyfriend who apparently had no idea he was a carrier.... Would love to talk to someone, anyone about it, would be nice to hear from someone in a similar situation who caught it from a loved one who unknowingly gave it to them and how they coped with the anger/resentment....

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Hi! I'm 28 years old living in San Diego and was recently diagnosed this Monday with HSV2. It has taken me a few days to not feel like a diseased leper unworthy of love but i'm getting there. I don't want to resent the one whom I contracted this from so, i'm still working on that. I'm scared of what this will mean for my future with regards to rejection. I would love to have some friends to speak to who are both new to this as I am and someone who has been living with this for a while. Male of female doesn't matter :)

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I'm 28, from Southern Louisiana, a college grad and I struggle with the fact I have herpes daily. I know I did this to myself but I always catch myself wanting to blame someone. The past year has been rough to say the least. Completely tarnished the confidence I had in the past. I'm just starting to get it back. Just need someone to talk to from time to time (preferably a female from my area).

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I live in Louisiana, I am 47 year old and almost made 22 years of marriage. My husband came home and told me he was HSV2 positive and went to be tested and I have it now too. I've been in denial for a coupe of years and really tried to make things work. I am devastated and I am trying to be strong in starting my life over. I really need a buddy male or female who has a similar story.

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I'm a 40 year old female in Northern IL. I've had h for 4 years. Most of which I was in a committed relationship. After a year, I have ventured back out into the dating scene and my first disclosure ended in painful rejection. Feeling as hopeless as the day I found out I was +. Any support is welcome. Thanks :)

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Hey Everyone,


I could really use a friend to talk to. I'm 23 years old and just starting to deal with being gay. To top it off, if having to deal with being different wasn't bad enough, I now have genital hsv1. I got it from receiving oral from someone who has had oral HSV1 since they were a kid, so there was "no need to tell me" even though I had asked if he was clean. Very unfortunate but there is nothing I can do now; my first OB wasn't bad at all, I literally had one small bump that was never a puss filled blister, it formed as what looked like a small cut and then healed.. That was almost two months ago and I haven't gotten anything since.


I've been going through a lot of depression over this and it would mean the world to have a friend that understands what I'm going through; someone I can just text and talk to or skype and talk to.


I feel alone, ashamed, and fearful for what this means for dating in the future.

I had so many things going for me, I have a great job, I work out 3-4x a week, most consider me cute.. But now every time I get hit on its literally like a jab to the heart because I know once anyone finds out they'll literally run.


Sorry for my grammar, I'm from NJ and its 12:33 am here..




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Hello everyone, found out in February this year I had contracted HSV 1, due to my partner having a cold sore. Im 21 year old female, living in the UK. Looking for people to chat to preferably in the UK. Doesn't matter if your male or female :-)

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Anyone in Riverside, CA with herpes? I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. Same story, different person. When I was diagnosed, I was completely thrown off. I have no symptoms but I do have the virus. I would love to make new friends here. I told this one guy I was dating that I just found out I have the virus and he rejected me :-/


I need help and support. I'm a 27 year old librarian, reading and educating myself about herpes is not enough.


Thanks for taking the time to read this :-)

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I am 26 years old and a female in the tri state area. I was diagnosed in October of 2013 but I haven't taken many steps to try to make myself feel better about it. I think I was in denial for a bit but I am starting to realize, I have this disease, but it does not have me. I want to start to feel like myself again. And I want to have someone to talk to on those days where I feel really down about it, because that happens pretty often. I blame myself a lot for not taking better care of myself because I know this could have been prevented and now I don't have the chance to change it and I really wish I did. I know that this feeling is hard to overcome, but I am ready to try.

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Well, I'm simply much older than most of the people who have written here. Mine is a new case of herpes 1 and herpes 2 and am 53 years old. Living in the Philadelphia, PA area and many questions for anyone else in the area. My husband passed away 8 years ago and did not carry the viruses. Mine caught most likely from a less than honest individual on a dating site though we dated multiple years, am guessing I caught it in March of 2013 although it didn't show until recently when I was tested again prior to beginning another relationship in June of this year.


Would really like to speak with someone who got it a bit later in life, how they kept from spreading it to others as I'm not the normal kind of person to have gotten this, yes, I know what is normal? I'm a chemical engineer with multiple degrees and the people I tend to know do not have the issue. Even the physics prof who issued it to me would not be one most would suspect of having it. The current BF has wished me well with it, though he does not want to continue under the present circumstances. Mentioned one study of blood clots in monkeys which would definitely not be for me, and he's an engineer with NASA and knows this information. So we're trying to part although it is difficult for both of us.


I have no outbreaks on the face or elsewhere which makes knowing when or when not to play more than a bit difficult. So if any of you are older in this area, or not, I'd love to speak with you. Kate

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Anyone e wanna be friends? I could use friends. Especially ones with herpes. I've had this for 9 years now. Just would like to feel comfortable with other people who have it too. Men or women. I just need a friend. also, if you happen to live in naples fl or surrounding area it would be cool to go places too.

Stefanie 29

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Hello all,


I'm 30 yrs young and was diagnosed in May with genital HSV1. I live in South Texas and have no support groups in my area. I'm looking for someone to talk/message with this is something hard to cope with but I try not to let it keep me down. Feel free to message me I don't mind male or female. It would just be nice to have someone that is dealing with this as well. :)

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Hi! I don't see anyone who has posted recently who is from the Baltimore/DC area. If there's anyone out there who'd like to be buddies, please message me. I am 28F, and have had HSV-2 genitally for just over a year. M/F, whatever, doesn't matter. Also, if not from my area, that's okay, too. Just thought I'd throw it out there.

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I am newly diagnosed and so many questions. I'm over 50 and would love to have someone to talk to (if this thread is still active). Ideally it would be great to have both a male and female buddy in order to get both perspectives. I honestly never thought this would happen to me and feel both alone and quite honestly ignorant right now. I'm in Canada. Thank you

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