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H Buddies, unite!

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Hello to u all...I must say first of all dat im very excited to be approved to join dis forum. it is very refreshing just to have a sense of belonginess to a group.

I am 32yr old male (african descent) and had ghsv1 in Sept 2013.

Its not been really severe since in my case ( although im AB+ blood type, known to hv a less stronger immune response)

But I think the continuos repetitive reflections on the " OMG, im finished" kind of thought is doing the harm.

Im single and just at the time I ws seriously thinking on marriage after a painful broken heart, then ban hsv1.

I will be glad to find hsv1 buddy for friends.( females not a bad idear)


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Greetings and thanks to everyone on this site. I am new both to this site and to being HSV positive. I'd love to find a buddy to give and receive support with. I was diagnosed at the beginning of June after being abused, so I am learning to heal on many fronts. I'd be delighted to lend support to anyone in need, and find support from anyone with a desire to share. I'm 31 living in the Dallas area. Emails, private messages, or, if you are local, even meeting up for coffee and conversation. Thanks to everyone for being so kind and caring.

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Hello everyone! I went through a terrible scare this summer. For almost three months I thought I had genital HSV-2. It turns out that my tests were false-positives, and that I don't have it after all. But I'd be lying if I said I've been able to move on with my life. The truth is, I'm a mess. So I'm looking for someone in my area that could stand to talk to me. I am a male, looking for preferably a female, only because the women on this site have been incredibly empathetic and understanding. I am in Northern New Jersey. I would prefer to talk to someone either in my state, or in New York City or not too far. I'm looking for support. I feel like I have felt every emotions surrounding this thing, all compressed into one summer. I feel that I can relate to what people are saying on this site, and I want to help, too. I am an empathetic person and a good listener, and I will help in the ways that I can. Moreover, I have done an enormous amount of research on herpes over the summer. And by research, I don't mean I typed in a bunch of searches into Google every day. I mean I read all the medical literature, medical dictionary in hand, and I read the latest research coming out of the University of Washington, which is probably the foremost herpes research center in the country. I also spoke to many of their experts when I had questions. I'm here to help.

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I'm 31 y/O female and would love a buddy. Recently diagnosed after being misdiagnosed 2 years ago .(was told it was a Bartholin cyst so I declined on the blood / std tests) Now I am on suppressive therapy. I had an out break 2 weeks ago and I don't know if it's taking extra long to heal or it's in my head . New to this forum but hope someone gets back to me . Talking to someone who has been through this could really help . Also had to tell my bf when I found out after we've had unprotected sex. He took it well after I cried and had panic attacks over how I would tell him. I guess I didn't think cared as much as he does . Take it easy people . This can be a really tough disease . Sending love xo -

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Hi I am an utter newbie at H2 and would like someone to talk with. don't care about gender. am in central florida (tampa area) and would prefer someone close by but possible phone convos are good also. Im in a pretty confused and bad place at the moment.

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Hello :) I am in Seattle, WA and am VERY new with what I'm almost positive is HSV2 (I'm cringing just typing that). I am struggling with this:( I'd love a Buddy that's pretty educated on the subject to help guide me out of this bummer state I am in. Thank you! Cheers

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Hello, I'm Erica, 19, and I just got diagnosed with genital HSV 1 about a month ago. But, have no idea who I got it from. It was my first outbreak. I am female and am looking for a male H buddy. It would be great if you live in Nova Scotia, Canada. But, online/cyber H buddies work too. I definitely need some support, but I feel like give and take is necessary for mutual healing and a proper friendship/relationship. So, I hope I can help my buddy in return. I can do online chat and Skype, and in person if you live close enough.

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I'm 21 years old (had H since 19) and would love to talk to someone from Minnesota or the Midwest. Would love to hear from other states as well :) I'm in a new relationship and have been stressing myself out about what's to come but I'm a good listener so I'd like to hear about you as well!

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Hey, I'm male and 19, just recently found out I had herpes yesterday but I guess had symptoms or slightly started my initial Outbreak 3, 4 days ago?

I live in New York City, starting my first year of college, while working and its honestly a lot to handle. Would really like to have someone to talk too who also has this as well. Anyone in NYC or not it doesn't really matter just someone who can relate to my situation. Anyone can just message me on here maybe if I feel comfortable enough talking to you and your in the area maybe we can Skype or talk in person etc etc.


Oh yeah im also a really good person to talk too (according to all if not most of the people I know lol )

So feel free to talk to me if your in need of someone to talk to like me..

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Hi all! I'm a newbie to this site, but not to herpes. I got it from a guy I dated when I was 19 ( I recently turned 41) and although it has been 20 years I still find I have issues with self esteem and dating sometimes seems impossible. Glad I found this group of support. I am lookin for a friend near or far (I'm in Ky) male or female. I am willing to help out in anyway I can but feeling kinda defeated these days. Thanks in advance!


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Hi, well, here goes. 27 y/o female in the triangle (NC) looking for a H buddy, pen pal or irl. Just really need to be able to talk to others going through the same thing. I'm also a single mom, as if one or the other wasn't enough on the plate eh? Anyway, I'd be grateful for anyone to talk to, thanks.

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Hello, I am very newly diagnosed and experiencing my first outbreak (that will never seem to end)! Someone to talk to would be life saving.


I am a 21 year old female living in Maine! For a buddy I'm really looking to reach out for a lasting friendship where we can support each other in the case of herpes or any of life's struggles. I just really don't want to feel so alone. I have no preferences in age, location, or gender, knowing friendship comes in all forms! <3

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Hey :) Im looking for buddies in the San Francisco Bay Area that I can talk/listen to about having herpes. While I love my friends for always being there for me, it would be nice to talk to someone who personally knows what Im going through. I have no hang ups over gender. Just looking for people with open hearts and minds.

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Hello I'm a 26 year old female in Texas, found out a couple months ago I contracted herpes from the person I loved the most... All I got from him was one last call n he vanished out of my life... I've been crying for the past couple months.. I just think who's gonna want me? Or what r ppl gonna think of me.. I'm so emotional n alone... :( anybody around private message me.. thanks

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