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H Buddies, unite!

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still very new to things but I can offer a supportive ear if anyone would like. I know there are times I need a shoulder or someone else just to bounce things off on!! If it is of relevance I am a 40 yr old single mom, in a committed relationship and got HSV1 from my man who only has oral H.

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Hello..I am looking for a H buddy..I have H for almost 2 years..and coming from a very conservative country (Philippines), I felt like my life ended when I was diagnosed. To top that, I found out the day I was pregnant..and my ex-bf decided he didn't want the baby and left us..I didn't tell him that I was sick because I was afraid..I'm a medical practitioner and I know that I could have gotten it from any of my exes. I lost my baby 10 weeks inside my tummy. I had a hard time accepting it..my doctor said there's a big chance that I lost my baby because I was sick..I am still having a hard time accepting that I have H..I know I have to forgive myself for havnig this but it is really hard..I haven't had a bf eversince because I am scared to be rejected..my 2nd outbreak was last December..it was very hard for me..I felt like something was wrong with me..I went here and I think I had an outbreak last June (I am not sure because I didn't see a doctor..but it was itchy so I assumed that it was an outbreak)..I just become so nervous and scared everytime I feel something down there..my mom knows that I have it and she is great in giving me advice because my estranged dad gave her something too..but I feel like I have to talk someone aside from her..to assure me that I am not a lesser person..because sometimes I feel just that..looking forward to talking to someone..preferrably a female buddy..I am 30 years old..btw, I am currently in NJ but will move back to Chicago in a few weeks.

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I'd like to talk to anyone who would ever want to talk. I'm a good listener and it'd be fun to share experiences or whatnot. And I don't care if you're a male or female or how old you are. Doesn't matter. I recently found out that I have H and no one knows except me and anyone who sees this. I'm 17 and I got it from some dude who used to be my friend but isn't really anymore. I can't even imagine that I have it. I don't want it to be real. I wanted to have a good high school experience but I just can't think about anything but this. I live in a very religious city in Utah.

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So, I am also looking for an h-buddy. I found out five days ago and the closest support group is an hour and a half away. male or female, either would be great. I don't know what's wrong with me because I've cried a couple times but haven't been too down on myself. I do wanna come out and tell people about this but so far my parents are the only ones who know, and obviously the guy who gave this to me. I don't feel disgusting or unattractive, I just fear judgement. I know what people say and I don't particularly enjoy being put down. It's too soon to tell anyone but I'd like to work on it. I feel like I'm a disappointment to my parents (especially my dad, although he says I'm not) and at first like my life was over, it's been tough enough to deal without this. Anywho, I'm 21 and live in the midwest. Location isn't a concern.

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Hello Everyone,

Im looking for someone anywere to be buddies with to get to know eachother and to be able to support people and maybe get some support myself...

Im from the windsor ontario area. But even if your half way around the world id still like to get to know people like me weither your female or male its all good! :) Hope to hear from some people soon?

~ B <3

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I'm recently (March) diagnosed.. genital HSV1.. and I'm still getting used to it. I haven't told anyone because I'm not sure how anyone I know would react.. so yeah it's just me sitting around harboring this, so talking to someone would be awesome.


I don't mind gender wise.. or where they are.. and I'm both in need of support but can be great at giving support. I'm kind of a "say it like it is" kind of person, I don't sugar coat anything and I would want that in return.


Someone honest, funny and uplifting would be great.

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Hey everyone,

I received a call two days ago from the doctor telling me that I have herpes one.I am 23 and i am still a virgin.I had oral sex twice with only one guy. He said he does not have it.I have Been crying since then because I don't know where I got it from.I don't mess around with guy like that because I had always been scared of getting any disease but I guess it didn't help. I really like that guy....I don't know how to handle it. Couldn't even make it to work today.OMG just need to talk to someone who has been going through this. I don't understand how you guys can handle this. Even crying right now (sorry for the mistakes English is not my second language)

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Hi everyone! I'm a 36 year old mom of 3, working hard, living a single and busy life in New England. Anyone looking to be an H buddy in the area? I am new to dating outside of the H community (even though I was diagnosed in 2007-- just really learning to accept now) and would love a supportive friend to talk about disclosure stories and managing in general. Promise (pinky swear) to be equally supportive in return :)

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Hi, looking for someone to talk to and offer advice about my current situation. I recently disclosed to the man I've been seeing for 2 months (whom I have not had intercourse with) that I have HSV-2. I feel I was doing the right thing, but his reaction was livid because I deflected the question when he asked me 1 month ago if I have an STD. I just didn't feel ready at the time to talk about it, but now I am made to feel I am immoral and distrustful. I have not heard from him and feeling very depressed. Any support would be much appreciated.

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Hello! I'll be 23 this year, mother of 1, & I was just diagnosed with hsv2 a couple weeks ago. Devastating to say the least but I am really trying to see the blessing/lesson in all of it. I would love to connect with someone. I realize that support and acceptance is the only way we're getting through this. Feel free to msg me. I'm in Windsor, Canada but if you're not- skype reaches around the world ;)





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Hi , I am Krystal. Im from Texas. I am new to this site. But I can tell just by seeing everyone support eachother that it will be helpful to me. I am 22. I was diagnosed when I was 17. Ive kept it private. Only a few know. It would be great to have a buddy who is inspiring, caring , and funny. Male or female. I dont know anyone who is going threw this. So that is why I am glad I found this forum.

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Hi-O! My name's Daniel and I've recently became a member of this fine community not too long ago. I was diagnosed with hsv 9 years ago and have been dealing with it ever since. I don't get outbreaks like I did when I first got it and it no longer bothers me as much as it used to. I don't know what else to put here. I'm from NJ...I'm 28...um, I don't know if you're interested in talking, I'll be here. =)

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Anyone in PA? I go to a Catholic University so I don't really talk to anyone about it here. Too much judgment and Catholic guilt. 21 f. Would like a buddy because as far as I know, none of my friends have it or if they do, none of them have told me. It would just be cool to talk to someone who can relate. I am an artist and I am super creative. I definitely have a big personality. HMU.

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Really would appreciate some sort of buddy. I've accepted my present condition after three years of self denial. Its time to actually get to meet someone of similar views when it comes to the future.

I believe whatever is past has passed. So a Buddy would be a great way to meet someone, get to share opinions and interact truthfully without hiding in shadows.


We can skype anytime you feel lik, find me @ omothompson...

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Hi. I'm in Queensland Australia and just found out I have HVS1. I am still to get another blood test in around 4 months as it's been only 2 months since I was last with my partner who has herpes, but not sure which strain :/ because he wouldn't talk. I have no idea if I got this from him, or if I have had it a long time and never knew. Anyway, long story short......any Queenslanders out there???

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Hello everyone!


I'm female, 24 yrs old, was diagnosed with genital herpes about 7 years ago..also had HPV but my doctor said it can clear up on it's own.. contracted both from my very first boyfriend who knew what he had and never told me. Even now, still having a hard time with telling myself that everything will be ok.. some of my friends know, but I can't seem to tell my family. It would make me feel miserable and embarrassed/ashamed to do that..


Looking for a buddy to talk to, maybe even meet up in the future if you're in the New Jersey area.

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I'm a 21 year old female from Toronto, Canada. I was diagnosed with HSV2 about a month ago and I would love to be able to talk with someone and support one another. I'm trying to stay positive, but I would love to have someone to help on the down moments (and vise versa). I would also love to hear stories of people who have found the "one" and gotten married with herpes. My biggest fear is that I'll be alone forever, I guess thats another thing that would be nice to talk with someone about.

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eLo everybody! :)


im new to the site and just tested positive 2 weeks ago. i feel fine and am doing great. :) i have been scanning this forum since i found out and the discussions here have been very educational and helpful. i used the guide in disclosing as my outline in telling previous sex partners that i have herpes and it turned out really well for the first guy i called yesterday. im so glad! :)


hence, im looking for a buddy who can further help me by sharing more information and his/her experiences living with h. im a female living in new york city. i would prefer a female buddy if that is okei as i might have a million Questions about feminine hygiene and sex stuff. thanks a lot! :)


p.s. the people behind this support group is awesome! please please continue the excellent work! you guys are touching a lot of lives...

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