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Can certain nerves become immune to it? Can it travel to other nerves?

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So my partner who has been HSV2+ since we started dating two years ago, said he has a skin rash under his arms even though he never shaves there. He was under a lot of stress, also sweating a lot... I told him I thought it could be eczema or whatever stress related redness, but I’m not sure it can’t be herpes... Can either genital or oral herpes travel to there? 

He also feels itchy on the inside of his thighs and on his perineum, and has blisters too, that is definitely an outbreak. But he said he has never had blisters there, he used to have blisters on his foreskin and painful tingling on the side of his hip where I accidentally scratched him once and the virus got in the wound. All of that is gone, he says it’s like the virus is looking for a new place to resurface. Is there any research on the possibility of this happening?  

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