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Twitching after primary outbreak?

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Curious about how many people have experienced lower body/general twitching? I just had what I believe was my first outbreak and since feeling better physically I have been having minor twitches at night and sometimes in the morning from anywhere in my legs and feet and more recently in my upper arms (once even in my lower back). Please share if you think this is a common reaction to H. It’s been going on for a week now. How many of you twitch now after not ever before since diagnosis?

PS I have not been officially diagnosed, but it’s looking like I have ghsv, but I’m still confused. See my other posts and give you input if you can. My thing is I was experiencing a lot of penile pain with no actual sores, but a lot of glans redness and inflammation, especially inside urethra. Pain is gone now, but redness is still present inside. And now my penis has some darker spots.

Also, do you ever get sores that aren’t painful to touch, but tingles inside?? 

I hope I’m not in denial. Also, I took acyclovir for 7 days and experienced some relief, but the pain soon came back after a couple days then disappeared again. Should 7 days of anti virals normally fix h symptoms?

I am losing my mind...

Right now I am only seeing a red dot inside my urethra and no pain, but it looks weird...

How come there is like no information on urethral herpes? Is it really that rare?

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