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Are swabs on herpes outbreaks always 100% ?

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I got diagnosed with genital herpes (HSV-2) about 5 months ago by a swab test on an ulcer which I thought was from an allergic reaction to a thrush cream I hadn't used before. Like an idiot I had kept using the cream and the ulcers were getting worse and worse I had multiple ones on my inner lips where the cream was going and around my anus as the cream would move everywhere. After a week of the ulcers getting worse and being the most painful thing I have had and I went to the doctors and that is where she did the swab of only one of the ulcers and told me what she thought it was which I was devastated by the news. After 5 days results came back saying it was type 2 I got very basic information and was told I can't go on suppressive therapy as I have only had one outbreak and in Australia they can't give it out anymore unless u have had multiple ob's. the doctor also told me there is only a 1% chance of me spreading it and that if she had it she wouldn't bother telling people she was having casual sex with. I was mortified by that as I had already done some research. So I have not had an ob since, though I do get sensitive skin now down there and I was wondering are swabs 100% accurate or could the thrush cream interfere with results and should I have a blood test to make 100% sure?

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I had this same conversation with myself and the lab tech when she told me my results and she said, "no test is 100%, but it's very unlikely a swab would be a false positive." I treated my first OB as a hemorrhoid so I feel your pain but unfortunately, I don't think any of the creams or things we did would create a false positive. However, I would suggest a second opinion and if you have real doubts, ask for a blood test in a couple weeks (if it is herpes, then it will take a few weeks for your body to develop antibodies that show up in blood tests). I'm from the US, and we can choose to go on suppressive therapy at any time but I have elected not to unless my OBs become more frequent. If you are concerned though I would see another doctor since it's not advisable to tell your patients not to tell others you're sleeping with - that's a personal decision. The chances are pretty low of spreading it though not quite 1%, you can read some of the articles (I'm sure if/when Adrial reads this he will link you to some specific ones!). Even if your results are correct, remember it just takes some time to adjust and accept what is happening. It doesn't make you any less of a good person and it happens all the time, you're not alone. Use this forum to help you and let me know if I can help!

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