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Can anyone offer hope these symptoms will end?

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I was diagnosed in September last year and outbreak was week long, then after 2 weeks had the most horrendous nerve pains 24/7 gp didn't know what was wrong and ended up seeing a specialist who diagnosed extreme nerve damage, took til end of January to repair. Had February as a normal individual and started to put my life back together. 

Have now had nerve pain again as in prodrome since first week of March and had 5 outbreaks almost back to back one after the other alongside of constant sore throat and headaches. I'm now outbreak free by a week but prodrome still present as is heat, inflammation and nerve pain. I'm normally extremely healthy and don't even suffer colds. I've now even broken out in pettechiae all over my body just to add to things. 

Hard to explain tbh but it's really affecting me mentally now and putting such a strain on my relationship (still with guy I caught it from) as we haven't had sex for nearly three months. Tried once and was too painful then had vaginal ob. I've been started on antidepressants which I'm absolutely gutted about but don't know where else to turn and aciclovir not helped either. 

Can anyone give hope that this will end? It's affecting so many areas of my life due to my nornally very active lifestyle and I can accept having it if I could only get on with my life normally but so many things trigger symptoms to worsen even wearing the wrong undwear to the gym. 

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I had pretty severe symptoms for the first year. OB every week constantly and the tingling 24/7. I got put on valtrex 1000 mg which helped me a lot. Once a FULL year has hit you will notice your symptoms calm down. I am so sorry you are in so much pain. I am here if you need to talk. I promise life gets better and soon you wont even notice it.

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Thank you for your reply it's much appreciated. I'm feeling so down with this, it's been 8 months of my life on hold it feels like. Plus I keep beating myself up because I can't have sex in what feels like forever. I've had to give up so many of my hobbies because they irritate so badly. I've hsv 1 which I read is meant to be the 'easier' one to deal with. Ha! 

My symptoms range from stabbing to itching, burning, prickliness, redness, swelling and a sciatic type pains all down my leg almost to my feet. Did you get all that too or just tingling? I'm finding the most difficult part is not being honest with people, I've shut myself away from as embarrassed to explain why I can't go out for a night drinking anymore as I was known as a person to get stuck in and party. Also would normally get on a bike for 20 plus miles on a weekend and I obviously can't do that. I also horseride and that's causing it to aggravate too. 

I feel so cross with the specialist who describes it as a childhood illness that not really any cause for concern, really? 

Sorry I'm probably coming across as all whingey and moaney but struggling to keep things in perspective atm. 


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To be honest I have it for almost one year and still getting nerve pain in my penis and thighs. When I have bad nerve pain my skin gets more red and inflamed. Some days are batter some are worse. But it’s less severe then used to be. I have just started suppressive therapy two weeks ago and it was much better at the beginning but now it’s so so. I cannot find any triggers for it I have already cut sugar and high arginine food. I can say that stretching helps.  If you want to share more experience just pm me. 

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