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Dieting and outbreaks

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Last week I started a slightly calorie restricting diet to lose some weight before I go on holiday. Not serious starving, just cutting off desserts and stopping the constant snacking, lol. (I’m 5’7 and like 130lbs by the way so I’m normal weight but my body fat % is a bit high.) 

Y’all know the word “hangry”? It’s hungry + angry, and perfectly describes how the body can perceive hunger as a cause of stress. I don’t get irritable or yell at people before lunch, however, I feel slight tingling more often between mealtimes. 

Are any of you dieting? Did your outbreaks get more frequent or not? 

I really don’t want to have to choose between getting in a fitter condition and not going crazy from pain...  So fingers crossed for a lots of “no” answers...

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I've always been pretty thin, but about 1.5 years ago I had quite a bit more body fat than I was happy with. I did change my diet and started exercising more (started with yoga, then added HIIT and strength training). My body didn't change overnight - it took several months (like 4-6 for real change), but today I am so, so much happier with my body. I lost 3.5 inches off my waist and 2 inches off my thighs (the thighs took the longest for me).

However, I think you need to try to prevent yourself from becoming "hangry" if possible. Just because you are restricting calories does not mean you should be depriving yourself and putting your body into an uncomfortable state like this. I imagine this is also quite stressful for your body, so it may be contributing to your prodrome symptoms.

Snack in a healthy way: I usually have a protein shake for breakfast, which is about 160 calories and 24 grams of protein (choose one with more lysine than arginine, or a balanced ratio) an apple or banana mid morning, a large salad with protein (grains, beans, and tofu or seitan -- these are fairly high arginine foods, but I don't seem to have too much of an issue with that), a little greek yogurt with fruit or carrots and bell peppers with hummus in the afternoon, and chicken or fish, vegetables, and a starch (usually sweet potato) in the evenings. 

I also have dessert pretty much every night, but I used to measure out everything. Portion control is really important and I found using a food scale really helps.

I do not drink much alcohol and I do think that cutting out the nightly glass of wine helped as well, but I don't think this is a requirement.

I eat around 1,500 calories per day on days I don't work out, and 1,700 on days when I do. I'm 5'6 and 115lbs (which is what my "normal" weight used to be). I was 130lbs when I started this "journey" but I had more fat than muscle and now a lot of muscle definition that I am really happy with (this is over 18 months though, keep that in mind).

I was really strict with myself in the beginning, but not so much anymore because I've learned to eyeball my portion sizes. I don't restrict myself if I go out to dinner, to a party, etc. 

I think the main thing is to *not* deprive yourself. You can eat fewer calories and still feel full as long as you choose the foods that provide those calories carefully. 

Also, if you still have issues, I would try restricting calories slowly. Cut back 100 calories per day for a week, then 200 for a week, etc. It's not a race 🙂

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My username is "tiredandlonely" because I joined back when I was first diagnosed and I don't know how to change it now. I'm not tired and lonely anymore. Still tired sometimes though 🙂

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