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Have I accidentally given my partner herpes?

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Hi everyone, I am a straight female, and have had HSV1 since I was a kid. When I became sexually active I knew not to give oral sex if I had a cold sore. 

But today I had sex early in the morning at my partner's house. I very briefly gave my partner head [about a minute] before actual intercourse. 

About an hour later, I felt the telltale tingling. I immediately took Valtrex but already know it will be a formed cold sore by tomorrow. It's JUST now starting to form, hours later. There was no tingling around the time I had sex.

I'm now very worried I accidentally gave my partner something. I'm usually very vigilant about cold sore symptoms (paranoid even) so I can take Valtrex to prevent them, since I hate having them so much. I don't know how I missed this. I'm guessing it's because I got a terrible night of sleep that night (usually causes it). If it matters, the cold sore is on the bottom corner of my lip and I don't even think it actually touched my partner's penis.

Is he hugely at risk? Should I be super worried? I would love advice.

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