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HSV-2 + however my outbreaks seem a little different than most

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I am about a year post testing HSV-2 positive. 

10 days after having sex with a random partner, I broke out in hives (felt like small bites all over my body) and was super itchy. 

My breakouts are not genitial tho, typically a scab or a blister on random parts of the body. Chest, outer buttocks, even my side. 

Does this sound normal to anyone? I got the blister checked and it came out negative, however am almost certain they come from whatever virus I inherited. 

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas! 

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Hi @GummyBear! That does sound odd ... Hm, normally herpes outbreaks show up in a centralized locations, not over the entire body. Sounds more like how chicken pox behaves to me! (Which coincidentally is in the herpes fam.) If the blister was swabbed correctly, then that method would be the best way to verify whether it's herpes or not. Did your doc think it was a herpes outbreak? 

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