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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! Just to know more people are going through this makes me feel a bit less lonely. I haven't told anyone except from the guy I contracted it from, it was a horrible conversation and we haven't talked since. Just haven't come to terms enough with the diagnosis yet to talk about it with anyone else.

    And I've had the exact the same experience with doctors! Been seeing two different ones and they have not been very understanding nor provided me with any information about the disease. They didn't even test me properly, but diagnosed me based on a visual examination only and basicallly only told me "it's not dangerous". I really hope the daily symptoms will disappear eventually, because living with constant discomfort is really not fun and as I feel the virus is constantly active I can't really see myself dating again. Well, at least it's not deadly I guess. Hope your symptoms will go away soon!

  2. First of all - I'm so happy I found this forum with people in the same situation! I'm from a country with higher HSV prevalence than in the US but  stigma is still huge and there is literally zero support to get here.

    I had the pleasure of contracting HSV nearly five months ago after having sex with condom ONE time with a guy who didn't tell me about his condition. It was my third sex partner ever, and as I have always been super careful (I've never even had sex without a condom) this came as a complete chock. I was really uneducated about it and thought I was completely safe from all STD's by using protection. So of all diseases out there, this was definitely one of the last ones I could see myself getting.

    Needless to say I've been struggling a lot to deal with this mentally. However, I also STILL suffer every day physically. During these nearly five months since my first outbreak, I haven't experienced a single day without pain, itching, tingling and discomfort. I only got valtrex for 10 days for my first outbreak, but my doctor refuses to put me on daily suppressive therapy (here it's very difficult to get it prescribed) and have instead treated me for yeast infection and vaginitis which haven't had any effect at all. Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms over such a long time? I'm so sad about the whole thing and feel unable to move on to cope with it emotionally when I have constant symptoms. Will it ever get better?

    /Sad and hopeless

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