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  1. I'm currently experiencing my first outbreak and it isn't painful at all, however my period is due in a few days and I'm worried the outbreak will get worse. Is it worth delaying my period until the outbreak has stopped? (I'm on birth control). Or do periods not tend to make them more painful or unpleasant
  2. I've just been told that I have herpes and after speaking to my mother about it she told me that both her and my father have had it since before I was born. I've read that babies can contract it during birth and show symptoms soon after, but is it possible for the virus to be incubated for nearly 20 years? I know this is unlikely but my recent sexual partners have been tested and are clean so I'm unsure how I could have got it. Even if I got it months ago and never showed symptoms, would I not have passed it on to at least one of my partners after having sex many times without condoms? Any advice would be appreciated as I feel clueless
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