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  1. @kinator. @ScaredGirl89 I went to dr on Wednesday, she gave me meds for yeast infection, and QUADRUPLED my suppressive dose of valoxyclovir from 500mg to 2g. Tbh the OB I was experiencing has finally cleared on this dose (started Thursday) but I was SOSO itchy on Saturday night, dunno if psychosomatic, yeast inf (took meds on Thursday tho...) or the hsv. Gah! I’m glad the sores are gone but I still don’t feel quite right down there. I’m still hopeful tho, as fibally have no sores. I’m getting period this week, and had sex for first time yesterday, so I’m hoping I stay in the clear. @kinator ru taking antiviral too? I’ve also been taking vitamin D (I’m severely deficient even before hsv) and b12. I’m wondering if this is helpful, though it’s helpful for my body in general. I did read an article about the importance of vitaminD in treating hsv, but I have a hard time finding solid research on hsv treatment in general. Have u tried Epsom salt as well? Spray bottle to the area is helpful sometimes, or I will clean with witch hazel. Hope u feel better soon. This is horrible.
  2. @scaredgirl89 I’m pretty sure I just found another bump (no pain tho and not in normally where i get them) which means another Ob and this one hasn’t even healed yet!!! Now I’m worried i auto inoculated cos it’s not in the same area. GAH. My appointment is tomorrow and I’ve been on suppressive for little over a month with no changes 😞 I hope they help u!!!!
  3. @ScaredGirl89 it’s just so overwhelming!! I’m obsessively checking every little tinge or “abnormality” ☹️
  4. Posted this in wrong forum before i believe. I was diagnosed in May with hsv2 from someone who promised me they were clean and had full STI panel done, including hsv. My first Ob was pretty painful (May 8thish), and was promptly put on generic Valtrex. It took beyond the ten day dose to heal and I promptly got another OB a few days later. Now I haven’t had any non-ob days since May. On June 13, went back to Obgyn who put me on generic Valtrex suppressive therapy but at 500mg/daily. Was still getting OBs, increased to 1g daily, and now dealing with an Ob pretty similar/worse than the first since Wednesday. So this is 6 days and still going strong despite 1g Valtrexdaily. I’ve tried everything - Lysine, vitamin C, gabapentin, Benadryl cream, olive leaf extract, coconut oil, tea tree oil, Monolaurin, currently trying the Tagamet treatment just to see if it helps (started Saturday evening). It’s slogtly less painful but I don’t see an end in sight. I am so so so painful and itchy. I literally want to slit my wrists. Please if anyone has suggestions let me know! I have an appointment with my Ob gyn on a Wednesday. I’m pretty sure i also now have a yeast infection. Yay. Considering asking for Shingles Vax or ANYTHING. I can not live like this. I feel like a mutant, afraid to even touch my own body. I feel unloveable. This is breaking me down. I actually just don’t want to be touched and to be left alone. I want to die. Any suggestions or advice would be so so appreciated.
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