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  1. It's now been 2 months since her possible exposure.....roughly 5-6 weeks since we've seen something that "may have been an outbreak". If indeed it was an outbreak, would a blood test now be conclusive, or do we still need to wait until after 12 weeks? She's been driving herself crazy...every little bump or red spot makes her anxious...though so far the doctors have said they've been ingrown hairs, pimples etc....She had a blood test approx 4 weeks past possible exposure, and it was negative....we had trouble finding out the exact value because they were all morons, but then Nurse said it said
  2. Ok, so we tried swinging....was with a very nice couple and have become good friends. On a day we were planning to 'play' with them, my wife got laser hair removal done, then shaved as well in her private areas. Night's going well, though condom slips briefly...possibly contact with pre-cum from the male. A week or so later she develops some suspicious bumps on the inside of her butt cheeks, close to her anus. She went to a Doctor the subsequent Monday who says she thinks it's Herpes. They cultured her and did her blood work. Culture came back neg, but they felt there wasn't much to cul
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