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  1. Hi, I don’t have the answer i’m Afraid. I am a mum of 5 children and had this worry with each of my pregnancies. I was told that if I had an outbreak at the time of labour i’d Be given medication and the baby too and the chances of infecting baby were slim if I was clear. My eldest is 10 so fingers crossed. It is possible to have herpes for years without knowing, i’d Only slept with a couple of ppl unprotected and had no problems what so ever gynae wise before I got herpes, but my now husband is in the army and slept with that many women prior to us meeting he wouldn’t have known where to start to ask ex’s! I have had contact with all my ex’s and I told them and they have not had anything. I don’t think it always shows up in tests straight away either??
  2. Hi, make sure your pants aren’t tight as I find this brings outbreaks on...I run a lot and learnt the hard way not to wear thongs when exercising 🤣😳 my initial outbreak lasted ages, literally IM’s heal then get another and it lasted for months. I ended up being on tablets to surpress it, around 6 months I think? and this worked. I now get occasional outbreaks 12 years on and they’re only painful for a few days. I’ve just ordered some cbd oil to try as heard it can help herpes outbreaks...
  3. Hi, I found out I had herpes a few weeks after sleeping with my husband unprotected for the first time. I know I fought it from him as i’d Had no problems gynea wise at all prior to this. I was so sore, with thrush and a bladder infection at the same time and they took ages to clear up. We luckily have been together for 12 years and have had 5 children-each time I worried I could pass it to my children and had to go thru the herpes admission to the midwifes 😳 I Was in suppression therapy for a few months following my first outbreak but it rarely flares up now, shaving makes no difference but using cleams or waxing can...and wearing thongs everyday 😣 I am at a stage where I am not happy in my marriage-and although I will always love my husband...I don’t like him or want to live with him. But I am very scared about having to tell new partners about my herpes...do you get close to ppl first and tell them when youmre sure you want to sleep with them or just lay your cards on the table at the off?! I know this is no reason to stay with my husband, but I think i’d Have left a while ago if it weren’t for this 😟
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