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  1. Hey all. So I have been having itching for a while now, it’s mainly on the inner parts of labia, no sores, got tested for stds and bv/yeast, all negative, have g-hsv1. Only outbreak I have ever had was what looked like a pimple 2 years ago. I took valtrex for a while to see if it would go away and it hasn’t gone 100% away. I am wondering if anyone uses any type of cleanser that isn’t going to mess with my pH and cause yeast infections, etc. I was looking online and saw vagisil carries a soap. Anyone have experience with this or any other interventions? Thanks!
  2. Can you spread G-hsv1 to someone else’s genitals if that other person already gets oral cold sores?
  3. Question: I contracted oral and genital HSV-1 two years ago from someone who went down on me. As far as dating/disclosing now, if I know my partner gets oral cold sores (HSV-1), do I need to disclose that I have had an outbreak of genital HSV-1 two years ago? My gyno said since he has the virus already, he has antibodies and shouldn’t be an issue, we share same virus, but I just want advice from the true herpe experts in this forum. Still makes me nervous/feel guilty not disclosing (but Ive had terrible luck with disclosing so far)... so if it’s something I don’t need to disclose I would rather not. Thanks!
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