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  1. Appreciate the information...u gave me some good sound advice....TY for your time...
  2. Hello...my girl friend and I both have H1......2 days ago my herpes outbreak on my lip healed...I gave her oral today and now I am concerned that I did not wait long enough after my lip healed...does the fact that we both have H1 help prevent her from getting herpes on her genitals ? How long of a wait until we know for sure? TY, Tweetie
  3. One more question, would I have symptoms after 16 days if I am positive for H2 ?
  4. TY, yes, it helps....appreciate your kindness...
  5. Hi, I am 70 years old with H1....my lady friend is roughly the same age with H1 and H2..both recently tested ...no suppressive drug therapy...she swears that she never had a genital outbreak....well, about 16 days ago...add some poor judgement and alcohol....and we ended up having unprotected sex...both oral/genital...I have had no signs or symptoms for the past 16 days since the initial exposure...but I must wait between 4 and 6 weeks before I can get tested for H2....in the meantime, it is all consuming...on my mind 24/7...can’t shake it...am I correct in assuming that I have a 4 % chance of getting H2 ? Or is it higher? Thanking u in advance for your time...
  6. Hi, my girl friend and I both have HSV1...does that afford us some protection in giving oral ? My score for HSV1 when tested was 29.5....I don’t know what that means....can anyone help? TY
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