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  1. Thank you for your response ! I have not had an actual second outbreak, I just feel like the pain is always there now !!! I have read that can happen with your nerves so I guess I'm chalking it up to that. I will keep that in mind about the blood test. I'd like to know what I have !
  2. So I had my first herpes outbreak..well that's what my doctor was convinced it was but my swab came back negative. She is still confident that is what it is but won't be able to test again obviously until when/if I have another outbreak. My question, before my outbreak I noticed some pain/pressure on my left side buttocks and during the out break it was there and back of my thigh. I have recovered from the outbreak a couple weeks ago but still have this pressure it's not exactly painful but it comes and goes often i can feel this pressure or pain in the same spots and back of my thigh sometimes even in my calf all on the left side. Is this something anyone else has experienced with herpes? I want to say its part of it because it started at the time of the outbreak I would have just thought if would have gone away If I'm not having an outbreak.
  3. Hi everyone. So I'm currently experiencing my primary outbreak. Still waiting on results to confirm. I'm feeling over all better on day 12, but still have this pain in my bum and leg. Also I'm so itchy down below. Is this a sign of healing? I'm worried I'm going to break out in more sores again as it started off that way. Although the bum pain/pressure has been consistant. Just looking for everyone's experiences during the healing process of their outbreaks...wondering if I have a yeast infection on top of all this of what !!!
  4. Hi Everyone ! I'm currently going through my first outbreak. My doctor prescribed me 3 days of antiviral medication. I dont have it on me but starts with a V. I have finished my 3 days and actually do feel like it has helped. I have done some research and wondering if 3 days just isnt enough for my primary outbreak, I've read sometimes for primary they will.perscirbe more. Just curious if anyone has any input if I should contact my doctor for a second prescription or leave it at the 3 days. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you very much for the encouragement! I appreciate you taking the time to answer me. I'm glad I found a space where I can ask questions from.personal experience rather then just websites ! Just have to get over this first outbreak and learning curve.
  6. Thank you for the positive outlook. I'm going through ups and downs but overall looking at it in the best way I can. While I'm asking, is it normal.to have some pain/pressure feeling in the back of my thigh and around my bum lol?! I feel so uneducated but I definitely feel like I've been hit by a truck. I have read it isnt this bad at a reoccurrence and I hope that is true.
  7. So I just found out I have Herpes and am experiencing my first terrible painful outbreak. (To be determined HSV-1 or 2.) I've been with my husband for 14 years and he has had HSV-1 oral cold sores since I've known him. He is ALWAYs careful. We feel so frustrated and misinformed. We did not know about the shedding stage or that he could give me herpes from oral sex even when he wasnt symptomatic. I'm not mad at him really just so frustrated that I now have to live with this! Just venting really. Gss anyone here been in a similar situation ? We are worried about our sex life going forward and have so many questions !
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