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  1. SO glad I found this thread. If anyone is still following... I'm trying to solve the mystery of how HSV could have been dormant for so long. I am starting to have early menopause symptoms and was pregnant 4 and 6 years ago- so lots of hormone changes! Did anyone else notice a connection between hormones and HSV suddenly coming out after being dormant for so long?
  2. Thank you all! Very good to know my kids are safe using the bathroom after me. Ihavequestions- interesting- I bet it wasn't included in mine either. I just never would have known it could be dormant so long. From what I'm reading, hormones seem to play a big part in herpes for women. Would be interesting if pregnancy etc could have actually made it come out after all these years.
  3. Thank you so much for your response! I don't think I had an igg test- at least one that screened for HSV. The doctor screened for HIV and a bunch of other stuff when I was pregnant in that time and said everything was clear, but I don't know for sure that HSV was included in that screening. Do people who experience it being dormant and then all of a sudden active after so many years? It would have to be at least 13 years since exposure.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm new here and so glad to have found this forum 🙂 I am 39, been in a monogamous relationship with my husband for 11 years. Over a year ago, a biopsy of sores on my upper thigh showed that I had HSV (they didn't specify type). At the time, they told me it was probably shingles as I was super tired and sick too... until it came back 6 months later. The latest outbreak was 4 inches from the first location on my sacrum- something the doctor said wouldn't happen, but I am not finding online that it can. My internal medicine doctor, GYN, and dermatologist have all said that it "just happens sometimes" and I could have picked HSV up at a pool or although rare from a toilet seat (I was working at a stadium using public toilets and at a relative's home who has HSV a few weeks prior to the first outbreak). It's bothering me so much though not to have any idea where it came from. I have 2 small kids, and I'm terrified that if I could pass it along to them. Has anyone else gotten HSV and had no idea how? Or had it be dormant for over a decade before initial outbreak? Does anyone have experience with sores "traveling" along a nerve or appearing in different locations? Worried something is wrong now, but doctors don't seem to have a lot of answers so hoping someone here might know more from experience. Thanks for listening and thanks in advance for any advice 🙂
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