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  1. Hi so I was diagnosed about a year ago w hsv1 igg levels about 19 and my docotor didn’t put me on any meds. I never had any inclination of having herpes and was completely shocked and had no clue who I couldn’t got it from. I smoke weed and have smoked with a lot of people so I also thought about that. I also know of multiple friends and a previous partner that have had canker sores or cold sores and then I thought it was just that but now since i’ve don’t research I know it’s herpes. Shocking because i’ve never had an outbreak and i’ve been through extreme stress and I don’t eat that well. Now, i’m scared because I feel like i’m having my first one because i’m noticing white spots under my lip skin right in the middle. It’s not itchy burning or tingling. I’m not sure if it is a potential sore or from smoking a lot of weed over the years. I also take lysine & an natural anti viral from my local herb store. Does anyone have any other recommendation for suppressive therapy or should I go to my doctor and have them take a look as well?
  2. Hi I was diagnosed about a year ago with hsv 1 but never had an outbreak and my doctor didn’t put me on medication. In the black community I only hear “oh i’ve had a cold sore” and not realizing that it is herpes. I’m in college and it’s rare any man ever asks me about herpes or STDs period. It’s so hard to believe people disclose to others because I do not know how I just choose to stay alone at this point which is depressing. It’s also weird how this is something that stays with you “forever” but overall is never talked about in society.
  3. Hi so I was diagnosed with hsv 1 since my igg came back positive. Not put on medicine and never had an outbreak, not really sure how/ when I got it either. I’m just so confused on the transmission rates i’ll see percentages but it is usually for genital herpes. I’m also taking lysine vitamin c just to make sure I don’t get one. I have a boyfriend that knows I have this but i’m afraid to give him oral since we have unprotected sex. Does viral shedding occur daily, monthly, yearly? How can I make the transmission rate as low as possible?
  4. hello everyone. i’m 21 years old and last month my doctor told me I had Hsv 1 orally and my igg number was 19. i tested negatively for hsv2. when she told me she basically made it seem like no big deal and didn’t prescribe me medicine or anything just said to not have oral sex when i have a cold sore. I was still trying to process the fact that I had it. I always use condoms and only had oral sex with one guy at the time and he told me he doesn’t have anything (which could obviously be false). I feel like I can’t move on with my life. I have so many questions and my anxiety is driving me crazy. I don’t think i’ll ever be able to tell anyone I have this disease. I feel completely alone and confused on how I got it. I got my first outbreak a few days ago in the corner of my mouth, it isn’t painful and i didn’t even realize until i was doing my makeup and literally pulled my lip and saw it. Im not sure how long i’ve had it and I am afraid of giving it to someone that i’ve smoked with or guys i’ve kissed. Will I even be able to have children and kiss them? What is the statistics behind hsv1 transmission? I don’t want to take prescription for this, does anyone have any natural remedies?
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