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  1. He was upset and didn't really wanna talk about it. he told me that he needed some space and time to process it. I just wish that i had told him sooner but i made a mistake.
  2. This guy that i am dating , i didnt tell him that i have herpes until after we had sex multiple times. i was scared of getting rejected. scared to tell him and face the fact he wouldnt wanna be with me if he knew i had it. i convinced myself that as long as im not having an outbreak that i cant pass it on to him when that isnt true. i put him at risk of getting it. and i dont know if he will ever be able to forgive me for not telling him sooner , before we had sex. it had only been about a month when i decided i had to tell him. i didnt wanna get deeper involved with him without disclosing that i had it. he deserved to know. i just wish i told him sooner. its only been like 5 months since i was diagnosed with herpes. I still haven't come to terms with the fact that i have it.
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